Categoria: Controlli Non Distruttivi Servizio
Indirizzo: 26, VIA DELLA DOGA 26 - CAP:5035
Città: NARNI - Provincia: TR
Telefono: 3286777989
Descrizione Attività

First of all I have always considered the formation and the continuous updating to satisfy the most exigent clientele in the international field. The investment in technologies that are able to replace and to overcome the techniques of control radiographic have contributed to position me in a range of high-level market. Other offered service is that of inspection and supervision of yards with qualification of welding inspector CSWIP TWI Certification Ltd I furnish famous techniques of control, radiography, liquid penetrating, magnetic particles, chemical analysis, hardness, ultrasounds, relief thicknesses, advance ultrasound TOFD - PHASED ARRAY Since 2008 I have been working as an independent professional with multisector competence in the non destructive controls confirmed by the qualifications according to the normative acts - UNI-EN473 liv. III° UT RX - UNI-EN473 liv.II° MT PT VT - SNT- TC-1A Liv.II° UT,PT.RT,MT,VT - WELDING INSPECTOR CSWIP TWI - ADVANCED UT

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