Categoria: Engineering Societa'
Indirizzo: 22, VIA EINAUDI - CAP:61032
Città: FANO - Provincia: PU
Telefono: 0721855856 - 0721855370 - Fax: 0721855733
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Tecnoconsult is an outstanding multi-disciplinary engineering company operating in the global oil and gas industry covering Offshore and Onshore up stream and middle stream engineering. Tecnoconsult began operations in 1986 and has become a recognized international company with a heritage of existing customers including many of the world’s largest oil and gas producers and EPC general contractors. Tecnoconsult has an enviable “best in class” quality products and performance reliability. Tecnoconsult combines a large professional skill based on over 90 permanent highly qualified specialists and technologists using the most advanced and sophisticated design methodologies and software programs.

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